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Daily News

The Daily News is the first daily newspaper printed in a tabloid format. It started as the Illustrated Daily News and was later renamed to the New York Daily News. From 1919 to 1947 it was the nation’s biggest circulation newspaper. At its height it had a circulation of over 2 million copies a day.

Over the years it was known for its sensational coverage of crime, scandal and corruption. It was also noted for its use of lurid photographs to attract readers. In fact, the Daily News’s motto was “For the people, by the people.”

The Daily News has also made a name for itself in the world of commentary and feature writing. For instance, the paper has been awarded 11 Pulitzer Prizes. Moreover, the site boasts of numerous interactive features that provide an enhanced reading experience. Aside from its news, the Daily News has a strong sports section and an opinion column. You can even download an edition of the Daily News for offline reading.

While the Daily News has been in financial trouble for decades, it has survived as one of the nation’s top-selling newspapers. However, this storied newsroom is still in a state of flux, with dozens of journalists wondering what their future will hold. One article cites the possibility that the newspaper may be ceased altogether. If this occurs, publication of the Daily News may not be possible without extraordinary expense.

Some of the most prominent names in the industry are headquartered at the Daily News. Former employees include legendary boxing writer Jimmy Cannon, who sat on a bench when the paper moved. He wrote an article that included the Daily News’s slogan “For the people, by the people.” Another long-time reporter, Robert York, commented on the possibility of a future newsroom.

As of 2017, the Daily News is owned by Chicago-based media company Tronc. As of January 2018, the paper has a circulation of over 200,000. Since the purchase, the paper has imposed a number of furloughs and pay cuts. Nevertheless, the Daily News remains a reputable source of news in New York City.

Other notable achievements of the Daily News include its use of the internet to send out classified ads. It also offers an interactive edition that allows readers to swipe between pages and share stories through email. Also, the newspaper’s website has a well-designed e-commerce section that allows users to order copies of the paper in digital form.

Overall, the Daily News has a proud history of producing some of the most compelling journalism in the country. With its bold presentation and a strong focus on news and commentary, the Daily News has given voice to the underdog and helped spread the word about a host of important issues. Whether it is reporting on international news, a coronavirus pandemic, a murder or a protest, the Daily News has been a vital part of New York life.

Besides its illustrious history, the Daily News has a distinguished list of award-winning writers, cartoonists, photographers and columnists. Despite the many changes at the newspaper, the mission of the New York Daily News is unchanged: to chronicle the lives of the citizens of New York.

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