steve-virgadamo-booksThere has been significant research and cases made that reforms in higher educations can be directly attributed to personality development during student’s younger years. How do these pieces come together in the puzzle you may ask? Through communication skills along with a strong a spirited input, students can learn the proper methods from a young age.

Researchers have come up with two helpful acronyms to help detail some of their findings. The first acronym is known as SMART. SMART stands for simple, moral, accountable, responsive, and transparent. The second acronym is known as SIMPLE. SIMPLE is easily understood as standing for six activities such as spiritual quotient development, intuition development, mental level development, love yourself attitude, and emotional quotient development. These different levels of understanding and personal growth are imperative for the desired end goals in regards to higher education.

Teachers must adapt to students as well. This is a two way street that both parties (students and teachers) must travel on, together. Teachers must employ a sense of interest in students and engage them on a more captivating level. The teacher must be unique in their teachings in front of an entire class and on an individual basis. Those are the teachers that thrive and present education to students in the proper manner.

With current situations evolving in the world nowadays we need to produce the best we can when it come to teaching our youth and empowering them to take control of their lives in a  productive and responsible manner. Too easy is it for our youth to take up drugs or violence against others, but with the proper foundation built at an early age those concerns are diminished immensely.

Instead of the decaying relationship commonly found between students and teachers there needs to be an understanding from both parties and a cohesive working atmosphere. Students and teachers alike need to understand, analyze, and interpret the differences that exist between each other as well as the material being taught.

It is with great effort I hope to see the gap closed and the progress of today’s students excelled beyond any measure.

Thank You,

Steve Virgadamo