steve-virgadamo-catholic-school-ideasMy name is Steve Virgadamo as I am sure you know. I am the Associate Superintendent for Leadership at Archdiocese of New York. I have worked in Catholic education institutions for many years. That being said, I know how to properly motivate and mold students and faculty to be their best and develop into positive members of the Catholic community. Below you will find progressive tools for personal development. Enjoy!

Strategic Direction:

The best schools have a crystal clear purpose and direction. The students and faculty that comprise these schools also share this important trait. The schools have carefully picked specific criteria to further their highly acclaimed institution. There is no wave of the wand to magically make a school better but instead there are daily routines that work based on specific situations to improve the best practices of the organization. These organizations have a strong sense of leadership, strategy, and energy surrounding them which allow them to continually succeed. Its up to each school to develop best practices and test out different things.

Continuous Improvement:

The best in the business are never complacent with their actions. They are always looking for the next steps and ways to improve their organization. The future must be looked at on a constant basis and systems must be put in place to help achieve long-term goals. Regularly using enforced measurements and/or indicators will help in this thorough process. Focusing in on the areas of improvement and how to better the organization as a whole is of the utmost importance to the survival and forward progress of the school.

Cultivate Relationships:

The old phrase you scratch my back I scratch yours definitely applies to this tip. Cultivating strong bonds between other people and professionals is of the most important things a school can do. You never know who can help, or get the word out, or stand by you when things get tough. The best schools out there embrace service for all communities and the betterment of surrounding areas and looking to the future.

Thank you for reading!

-Steve Virgadamo