Catholic education can benefit children in a number of ways, including instilling spiritual values, building a base of ethics, and exposing them to the rich tradition of Catholicism in the arts. Through Catholic education, students learn to sense the presence of God all around them in the world.


Catholic education helps students understand the role of suffering in a person’s life as well as the importance of a community that both challenges its members to be better and supports them. It gives them a profound understanding of scripture and how it applies to their everyday life as well as a framework for understanding the part played by both success and failure.


The strengths of Catholic education are not limited to building an inner spiritual life. Private school attendees tend to grow up to be adults who are more civically engaged, and one survey has found that Catholic school graduates are the most likely of all private school students to become active in this way. This civic engagement includes volunteering, political involvement, and donating to charity. 


Because Catholic schools strongly promote service, students tend to carry this regular practice into their adult lives, where they can continuing helping others in God’s name. Students also develop a strong sense of self-discipline. 


This is the result of a clear moral vision that they create as they study scripture. Their ethics are underpinned by theology, not a list of rules. However, they are taught to conduct themselves in accordance with the example of Christ, the gospel of love, and the Ten Commandments.


The Catholic church has a long and proud history of art, music, and literature created to glorify God as well as a rich tradition of ritual. Students in Catholic schools have the opportunity to be exposed to this tradition.


Catholic education is rooted in the belief that excellence in the conduct of one’s life and achievements that reflect God’s glory. This is the point of striving for success, both academic and otherwise, and not the success itself. 


Furthermore, in the Catholic tradition, the students who graduate from Catholic institutions are considered the Church’s greatest product. They are charged to go out into the world and change those around them as well as the world itself.