Dioceses and Archdiocese throughout the United States are attempting to re-engineer or re-imagine Catholic education especially as it relates to providing urban education. Much of the focus has been on restructuring – you often hear words like regionalization of schools. Some dioceses have begun to cross pollinate sharing ideas and sometimes the result is a thought process that says re-engineering Catholic schools is a cookbook, a recipe or a step by step process. Structure is important, but the real key to success is transforming the culture – changing the way we do things. So the key ingredient to re-imagining Catholic schools is re-culturing.  Re-culturing involves constant attention and focus of the key executive leaders as it takes time and energy. This is perhaps why those who staff the Catholic education offices across the country and those who serve as school leaders in a Catholic school building  need to lead with purpose, an intensity, enthusiasm, hope, a missionary zeal and always be growth minded.